Customize the GHG Calculator

The GHG Calculator is designed for municipalities to integrate climate considerations into municipal decision-making processes across all departments. Customizing the tool enables municipal decision makers to accurately evaluate the greenhouse gas impacts of policies and projects in their locale, ensuring climate considerations can be incorporated into every municipal decision.

This free version of the tool includes energy and emissions data from Calgary, Canmore, Durham, Fredericton, Ottawa, Saint John, Vaughan,and West Vancouver. SSG can customize the tool for municipalities across the Americas and train municipal staff to use it.

Initial Implementation

Cost: $5,000

Overview: The Initial Implementation Package includes:

  • Customization of the GHG calculator with local emissions factors and energy mix
  • Two 2-hour training meetings
  • Ten hours of support for the first year of implementation
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Cost: $2,000

Overview: SSG can update the tool at regular intervals (e.g., annually, biannually) with the latest emissions factors and energy mix.

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Training and Support

SSG can provide ongoing training and support, as well as additional features, such as:

  • Additional training sessions
  • Additional support hours
  • Additional capital or policy calculation modules to address specific needs
  • Enhancements or improvements to existing calculation modules
  • Customized output spreadsheets to reflect community specific needs
  • Customization of the GHG calculator with client branding
  • Modification of energy sources to include localized sources such as district energy
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